Telephone scams


Please note that there are sophisticated scam schemes occurring over the phone

Where a person impersonating a government agent (such as fbi agent, irs employee, immigration agent, etc.) will call from a phone number that appears as a real number for the government agency involved, and through threats will demand from (usually) international students some form of payment usually in the form of gift cards, amazon cards, etc. financial losses by victims may range from few hundred u.s. dollars to over $50,000.

Please note that such phone calls are always scam! If you do receive such phone call, hang up, and then report it to a local law enforcement agency.

No government agency of the united state will ever contact you in such manner to request some payment!
See USCIS blog and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) blog for more information.

Please also see IRS and the U.S. Department of Treasury website to report such scams.
You can also report scam schemes to Federal Trade Commission.

It is a federal crime to impersonate a federal agent or an employee of any united states agency, see U.S. code .